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TESS exoplanet follow-up with MINERVA-Australis
报告题目: TESS exoplanet follow-up with MINERVA-Australis
报 告  人: Prof. Rob Wittenmyer (USQ)
报告时间: 2018-12-19 15:00:00
报告地点: 天文楼302会议室


minerva-australis at the university of southern queensland's mount kent

ag捕鱼王observatory is the only southern hemisphere precise radial velocity

facility completely dedicated to follow-up of planets from nasa's

ag捕鱼王transiting exoplanet survey satellite (tess).  we are a collaboration

including nanjing university and seven insititutions in australia and

the us.  the array is now fully operational, with five 0.7m telescopes

in place, delivering mass measurements for tess planets.  i give an

overview and update of operations, and i present our precise radial

velocity results and orbital solutions for several tess planets.  i also

ag捕鱼王discuss our longer-term plans for extended mission science, taking

ag捕鱼王advantage of the unique capabilities of this dedicated observatory.


professor rob wittenmyer earned his phd in 2008 from the university of texas at austin, then moved to australia for a postdoc at unsw sydney.  

he was then a vice-chancellor’s research fellow and senior lecturer at unsw before moving to the university of southern queensland in 2017.  

he is now a full professor at usq and is the chief of the minerva-australis telescope array, which is a dedicated observatory for discovering new extrasolar planets.  

ag捕鱼王he has so far contributed to the discovery and characterisation of nearly 60 planets.  

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