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The "Standard" Model of Cosmology and Open Questions
报告题目: The "Standard" Model of Cosmology and Open Questions
报 告  人: Prof. Bharat Ratra (Kansas State University)
报告时间: 2018-12-25 16:00:00
报告地点: 天文楼212报告厅


 experiments and observations over the last two decades have provided strong

support for a "standard" model of cosmology that describes the evolution of the

universe from an early epoch of inflation to the complex hierarchy of structure

ag捕鱼王seen today. i review the basic physics, astronomy, and history of ideas on

ag捕鱼王which this model is based. i describe the data which persuade cosmologists that

ag捕鱼王(as yet undetected) dark energy and dark matter are by far the main components

of the energy budget of the universe. i conclude with a list of open

ag捕鱼王cosmological questions.

Short Bio of the Speaker:

bharat ratra, distinguished professor of physics in kansas state

ag捕鱼王university, works in the areas of cosmology and astroparticle physics. he

researches the structure and evolution of the universe. ratra joined kansas

ag捕鱼王state university in 1996 as an assistant professor of physics. he was a

ag捕鱼王postdoctoral fellow at princeton university, the california institute of

technology and the massachusetts institute of technology. ratra earned a

ag捕鱼王doctorate in physics from stanford university and a master's degree from the

ag捕鱼王indian institute of technology in new delhi. ratra's research has appeared in

ag捕鱼王100 scholarly publications, which have been cited more than 12,000 times in

ag捕鱼王scientific literature. in 1988, ratra and jim peebles proposed the first

ag捕鱼王dynamical dark energy model. dark energy is the leading candidate for the

mechanism that is responsible for causing cosmological expansion to accelerate.

the discovery that cosmological expansion is accelerating is one of the most

significant scientific discoveries of the last quarter of a century.

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