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Exploring the non-thermal Universe with atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes
报告题目: Exploring the non-thermal Universe with atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes
报 告  人: Felix Aharonian (MPIK/DIAS)
报告时间: 2019-01-14 15:00:00
报告地点: 天文楼212报告厅

Abstract: I will highlight the status of ground-based gamma-ray astronomy and

ag捕鱼王discuss the potential of the arrays of atmospheric cherenkov telescope

covering five energy decades, from 10^10 ev to 10^15 ev. in the context

of the ongoing major detector, the cherenkov telescope array (cta), as

well as the new ideas on the future gev and pev telescope arrays (beyond

cta), i will discuss the major scientific objectives of the field

ag捕鱼王relevant to the origin of cosmic rays, the physics and astrophysics of

relativistic jets, and the cosmological issues related to the

intergalactic magnetic and radiation fields.

Bio: ag捕鱼王Felix Aharonian won the Rossi Prize in 2010 for  their outstanding

contributions to imaging of very high-energy (tev) gamma rays with h.e.s.s.

felix aharonian's group covers several areas of astrophysics and astroparticle

physics: origin of galactic cosmic rays, in particular in the context of

particle acceleration in shell type supernova remnants, pulsar wind nebulae,

x-ray binary systems; nonthermal processes in the galactic center; processes of

acceleration and radiation of electrons and protons in relativistic outflows -

ag捕鱼王in pulsar winds, in microquasars, in small and large scale jets of active

ag捕鱼王galactic nuclei, in grbs; gamma-ray and neutrino production mechanisms in

different astrophysical environments; links between high energy gamma-ray

ag捕鱼王astronomy and neutrino astronomy; theoretical aspects of the imaging

ag捕鱼王atmospheric cherenkov technique; physics of compact relativistic objects;

prompt optical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts.  although these studies have

ag捕鱼王rather general character and are not limited by specific objects, astrophysical

ag捕鱼王scenarios, radiation processes, energy bands, etc., generally they are

conducted in the context of high energy gamma-ray phenomena recently revealed,

in particular by hess, in different galactic and extragalactic source

populations.  our group has a status of the second official group representing

mpik in the hess collaboration. therefore, a substantial fraction of the work

ag捕鱼王of our group is conducted within the framework of the hess experiment,

ag捕鱼王especially in the context of interpretation of very high energy gamma-ray


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