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LAMOST——from low-resolution to time-domain spectroscopic survey
报告题目: LAMOST——from low-resolution to time-domain spectroscopic survey
报 告  人: 刘超 (国家天文台,中国科学院大学)
报告时间: 2019-03-12 16:00:00
报告地点: 网络视频会议

ag捕鱼王zhaiyao: lamost survey is a spectroscopic survey started since 2011. until 2019, it has observed over 10 million low-resolution (r~1800) stellar spectra, half of which have stellar parameters been estimated, with limiting magnitude of around r=17.8 mag. with such a large volume of data, we are able to study the structure and evolution of the milky way, many interesting stellar objects, and finding stellar size black holes. i will highlight some interesting results came out of lamost data in the first part of my talk.

ag捕鱼王since 2018, lamost survey has started the second stage with upgraded medium-resolution (r~7500) spectrographs. unlike the low-resolution survey, the medium-resolution survey (mrs) concentrates more on stellar physics, including the evolution of binary stars, variable stars and so on. according to the new scientific goals, mrs becomes a pioneering time-domain medium-resolution spectroscopic survey. when the survey ends in 2023, we expect it will observe more than 200 thousands stars with averagely 50 epochs for each object. i will talk about the details of the science plans, survey strategies, and some preliminary results.


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