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The Galactic cosmic rays: review and perspective
报告题目: The Galactic cosmic rays: review and perspective
报 告  人: 杨睿智 中国科学技术大学
报告时间: 2019-03-26 16:00:00
报告地点: zoom视频会议:

zhaiyao: cosmic rays (crs) is one of the most important component in the interstellar medium (ism) in our galaxy. the high energy crs will interact with the ambient gas and produce gamma-rays, which dominate the diffuse gamma-ray background, while the low energy crs may play a leading role in the ionization in dense cores of molecular clouds. in this review i will talk about the current understanding of the crs in our galaxy, mostly from an observational point of view, including the direct measurement of cr spectra, the related gamma-ray astronomy as well as the ionization rate and nuclear de-excitation lines related with the low energy crs. the status and on-going development of the instruments related with the cr science will also be discussed.


ag捕鱼王prof. ruizhi yang  got the bachelor degree in theoretical physics in university of science and technology of china (ustc) in 2007. he obtained his phd in purple mountain observatory in 2013. after 6 years postdoc career in max-plank-institute for nuclear physics in heidelberg, germany, he joined the department of astronomy in ustc. his research interests are gamma-ray astronomy, cosmic ray science.



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