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Exoplanets in the Solar Neighborhood in the Era of TESS
报告题目: Exoplanets in the Solar Neighborhood in the Era of TESS
报 告  人: Chelsea Xu Huang(MIT)
报告时间: 2019-04-09 16:00:00
报告地点: zoom视频会议:

ag捕鱼王zhaiyao: the transiting exoplanet survey satellite (tess) has offered a new opportunity to study a large number of exoplanets in the solar neighborhood. the brightness of these exoplanet host stars will enable a detailed examination of planetary systems in the next decade. in this talk, i will present examples of exciting planet populations emerging from the discoveries of tess, all bearing new clues on planet formation and evolution. i will conclude with discussions on possibilities brought by the tess extended mission starting this coming august.


ag捕鱼王dr chelsea x. huang received her undergraduate degree from peking university in 2010, and her phd from princeton university in 2015. she became a dunlap-cps fellow at the university of toronto for a year. she was awarded the juan carlos torres fellowship at mit in 2017, and has since lead the full frame image science for the tess (transiting exoplanet survey satellite) mission.  dr huang is an expert in the ground and space-based wide-field photometry analysis. she has discovered the first exoplanet from tess, a super-earth around a naked-eye star. she is the steering committee member of the tess science office, contributed to the discovery of near 1000 planetary candidates, and dozens of planet discovery papers. 

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