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The upper atmosphere above sunspots
报告题目: The upper atmosphere above sunspots
报 告  人: 田晖 Hui Tian (School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University)
报告时间: 2019-05-14 16:00:00
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摘要: Sunspots have been studied in detail at the photospheric level with different ground-based and space-born telescopes since early 1600s. For a very long period, the upper atmosphere above sunspot regions, especially the chromosphere and transition region (TR), was poorly understood. In the past two decades, high-resolution imaging and spectroscopic observations with the new-generation instrumentations have uncovered a wide variety of fine structures and fast dynamics in the chromosphere and TR above sunspots. Though these observations have greatly improved our understanding of the sunspot’s upper atmosphere, they leave us with many new questions which should be answered in the future.

个人简介: 田晖,先后在武汉大学、北京大学、德国马普学会太阳系研究所、美国国家大气研究中心、哈佛-史密松天体物理中心学习或工作。曾为美国CoMP日冕仪团队及IRIS卫星团队主要成员之一。2015年至今在北京大学工作。现任北京大学地空学院空间物理与应用技术研究所副所长,兼任中国科学院太阳活动重点实验室主任。主要从事太阳物理研究,在Science和ApJ等天文学主要期刊上发表论文数十篇。2014年起4次获美国宇航局集体成就奖或戈达德杰出科学成就团体奖,2018年获国家杰出青年科学基金,2020年获美国天文学会太阳物理分会Harvey Prize。

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