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Open Clusters in the Era of Gaia and spectroscopic surveys
报告题目: Open Clusters in the Era of Gaia and spectroscopic surveys
报 告  人: Angela Bragaglia, INAF-Observatory of Astrophysics and Space Science, Bologna (Italy)
报告时间: 2019-05-21 16:00:00
报告地点: ZOOM网络视频会议 B站直播:

Abstract: The ESA mission Gaia is a game-changer in Galactic astrophysics.  Stellar clusters, and in particular open clusters are benefiting from Gaia results, especially in combination with ground based spectroscopic surveys. I will present some of the most recent results obtained with this synergy, seen with the eyes of an observer.

bio: AB obtained a PhD in Astronomy at the Department of Astronomy of the University of Bologna. After a post-doc in Tucson she has worked for the Bologna Observatory, which later became part of INAF (National Astrophysical Institute). She is working on resolved stellar populations, with a particular interest for stellar clusters, both globular and open. She is part of the Gaia DPAC, of the Gaia-ESO public spectroscopic survey, and of the WEAVE survey.

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