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Build a ‘FAST’ View of the Dynamic Universe
报告题目: Build a ‘FAST’ View of the Dynamic Universe
报 告  人: Di Li (国家天文台)
报告时间: 2019-06-10 16:00:00


The  key advantage of radio telescopes lies in its intrinsic capability of simultaneously recording the phase and amplitude of the EM wave, which is hard to accomplish by any conventional photometer, such as a CCD. It is then, rather curious, to see the scientific and sociological separation between the two main subfields of radio astronomy, namely, spectral line and pulsar. I will introduce here the Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS), for which we have developed and demonstrated successfully the world’s first simultaneous HI imaging—HI galaxies—pulsar search—FRB/SETI survey mode.  Still in its infancy, CRAFTS has discovered more than 100 pulsars, several new FRBs (one of which a repeater), and has published forward-looking calculations on SETI, FRB, HI absorption, and HI galaxies. In addition to FAST, we have utilized Parkes, JVLA, and ALMA and recently published joint or related papers, which help put the ambition of CRAFTS in context. Notable results include the decoupling of the dense core angular momentum from its natal filament and magnetic field, the substantially larger CO X-factor measured in the so-called ‘dark gas’, the pulsar-stimulated OH emission (potential interstellar communication tool), etc. The unprecedented sensitivity and its novel commensal capability are going to bring about a new view of the dynamic Universe.


李菂, 国家天文台研究员,FAST运行与发展中心首席科学家, 2010年美国宇航局杰出团队奖成员,2017年科学院杰出成就奖主要完成人之一。提出了基于傅立叶变换的尘埃温度分布求逆算法, 提出并命名了氢气窄线自吸收(HINSA)方法,发现星际氧气等空间新分子,提出并主持完成了世界首个脉冲星-中性氢同时巡天模式,领导发表了FAST首批新脉冲星,首个新快速射电暴等 。曾任澳大利亚国家望远镜指导委员会国际委员,平方公里阵(SKA)“生命摇篮“科学工作组组长,突破基金会聆听计划(Breakthrough Listen)咨询委员。

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